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As we all reflect and take to the streets to protest the unjust murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor at the hands of inhumane police brutality, we all must reckon with the long and storied history of systemic oppression endemic in our nation. At the same time, we must also reflect on ways we can work to dismantle white supremacy on the individual level.

Here at Jordan Creative, we publicly state our support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and want to make concrete steps to show our allyship. Today, we are beginning with donations to both national and local organizations, because restorative justice begins with investing back into our communities.

Here are a few organizations you can donate to as a form of taking action today or everyday.

In the words of Angela Davis, “In a racist society, it is not enough to be not racist. We must be anti-racist.”

Donating is just one way we can work toward enacting larger changes and showing our support to Black communities. Protesting, researching, voting and supporting local Black businesses are other ways. However you opt to show your support, in order to stop injustice, we all must commit to change today for a better tomorrow.

In solidarity,
The team at Jordan Creative

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