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When was the last time you changed your logo? Is it still left over from the 1990s? Does your website look like the Space Jam website, with clip art widgets and a starry background pattern that could only have been made in 1996? Okay, so maybe that’s a little hyperbolic.
(The Website is still accessible, in all its 90s-computer-graphic glory here.)

Nevertheless, all companies, at some point either outgrow their original brand, find themselves struggling to stand out, not hitting their target audience, or find themselves watching sales lag behind, it may be a sign that you’re due for a rebrand.

Rebranding can be a powerful tool to attract new potential customers, attract new industry talent, make your company stand out in the crowd, and inject your business with a newfound vigor and freshness that will undoubtedly increase your conversion rates. However, it isn’t a simple task to be able to tell when your business is truly due for a rebrand. Before you make a decision to rebrand, here are some questions you can ask yourself to tell that it’s finally time for out with the old and in with the new!

Has Your Business Shifted its Model?

Oftentimes, a brand launches with a particular vision, and that purpose evolves as your company evolves. A potent example is Uber–a ride-sharing company originally geared toward luxury riding, with a sleek, black and white logo that communicated elegance and grandeur. However, as Uber has been rapidly expanding, it has since evolved to try and reach a more general, global, broader audience than the luxury market. Therefore, it was in need of a rebrand. Now customers open the Uber app to a bright splash of color specific to the region they’re using Uber in, on brand with their efforts to appeal to a global audience.

You need to Shake off an old image/Perception of Your Brand

Perhaps your brand inadvertently attracted a customer base you didn’t aim for. For example, in the U.K., the clothing brand, Burberry became associated with gang wear and “chav culture”–an epithet used to describe the British working class. Aiming to be a luxury brand, Burberry decided to rebrand, and shake off the public’s negative perception of their brand.

The marketing team didn’t change the style or tradition of the brand, but began courting celebrities such as Emma Watson and emphasizing the artistry and prestige of their brand to reach their status as a luxury retailer today. Perhaps your rebrand won’t be as drastic, but nonetheless, the Burberry success story speaks to the value of rebranding to transform how consumers view your brand.

Are You Trying to Attract a New Demographic?

Sometimes it’s simply necessary to try and tap into a new demographic in order to drive sales for your company. Take for example, Pabst Blue Ribbon, a cheap beer band associated with fraternity boys and hipsters in the United States. However, PBR decided to look overseas to attract a new demographic, rebranding themselves as a luxury craft beer in China. Tapping into a rapidly growing craft beer market in China, Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844, China’s version of the beer, goes for $44 a bottle, bottled in an alluring luxury bottle on par with that of a fine Scottish whisky, brandy, or Bordeaux wine.  

Pabst Blue Ribbon leveraged classy advertising, with elegant fonts and the product poured in a gold foil topped, fluted champagne glass. The company capitalized on the Chinese demographic, which was not familiar with the reputation of Pabst in the United States. Researching and finding a fresh market to sell your brand to can be a lucrative way to reach a demographic you may have not been able to reach before.

Is Your Brand’s Story Still Relevant?

Your brand should reflect the values your company strives to convey and your customers are attracted by. The values of your customers evolve over time, and your brand should evolve too, showing consumers that you are cutting edge and adaptable. Dove, the massive soap brand estimated to be worth about $200 million in the 1990s has now grown to be worth $4 billion, all due to an impressive beauty campaign rebrand. Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty,” pushed for body positivity and self love messaging. As part of their campaigns, Dove released a video on YouTube that featured a forensic sketch artist drawing a picture of women based off a stranger’s description. The picture was consistently more flattering and beautiful than how the women thought of themselves, and contributed to Dove’s overall messaging of self love and beauty. The video amassed over 35 million views.

Dove was able to rebrand itself in its “Campaign for Real Beauty” by promoting healthy and positive values. By recognizing the self-doubt and self-esteem issues many young girls and women struggle with today, and fostering body-positive messaging, Dove has struck a chord with its consumer’s values, and this has driven their sales off the charts. With your business, you can also examine what values you’ve been communicating, and revise them or amplify them as you see fit in a rebrand.

Are Your Brand’s Logos, Colors, or Fonts Outdated?

If your logo is still leftover from 1992, or you haven’t changed it in a few years, maybe it’s time to. An outdated website, logo, or business card can make your company seem less professional. Consumers will be attracted to polished, modern companies that prove they can keep up with modern tastes, and will appear more credible. A good example of a revitalized logo is the Verizon logo.

The old Verizon logo featured an italicized font and a gradient red ‘z’ in the middle, which may have been hip and modern when it was designed, but comes off as outdated and clunky today. By keeping the same color scheme, and cleaning up the design to give it a more minimalist feel, Verizon effectively still maintained their trademark image while giving it a modern spin. As a company in the fast-paced, innovative market of cell-phone coverage, it was important that Verizon went through with a rebrand to stay competitive. Verizon coupled this logo rebrand with a digital social media campaign on Pinterest, where they featured carefully curated Pinterest cover photos with bright, high quality images that spoke to the brand’s ”revitalized purpose of delivering the promise of the digital world — simply, reliably and in a way that consumers want,” as Kim Ancin, the communications manager at Verizon has stated.

Your company’s brand is essential to how you attract customers, how you are perceived, and how well you communicate your product and values. In a digital age dominated by visuals and graphics, you need to be able to set your company’s image aside from the rest of the competition in a way that is modern, fresh, and eye-catching. This entails not only your logo, but your advertising – be it through a stylish website, Pinterest boards, social media posts, print ads, packaging, or campaign videos. If any of these signs applied to your business, it may be time for a rebrand.

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