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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have access, please add to your site’s Google Analytics (instructions), Google Search Console (instructions), and if applicable, Google My Business - aka Google Maps (instructions).

Please answer as many of these questions as you can.
(i.e. homeowners who have a leaking hot water heater, college students who are in danger of failing a class)
(i.e. fixing their hot water heater quickly before any further damage occurs, consulting with the student on how to approach turning their grade around)
(i.e. contact form submissions, phone calls, product sales)
(i.e. 1 contact form submission per week, 2 phone calls from the website per month, 10 product sales per day)
(if unknown, multiply current number of full time employees/staff by $100k for a rough estimation)
(i.e. facebook ads, Google ads, word of mouth, organic social)
(Hint: instead of saying “service”, say instead what’s unique about the specific level of service offered i.e. they are the only plumbers in New York who have a certification in Rheem hot water heaters, the consultant used to be a college professor)
(i.e. “air conditioning repair”, “bakery”, “fashionable jewelry”)
(please include the rough percentage of your top-line revenue each one represents)
Keep in mind, we will be backing up everything and documenting our changes on the project board. If not, how will we get approvals?
If you are signing up for an ongoing plan, creating long-form educational blog posts (Usually between 750-2000 words) is a core part of our SEO strategy. Would you prefer to have someone on your team do the writing, or have us do it (we typically charge one action item credit per 150 words). You can always change this later, but how would you like to start?
If you are signing up for an ongoing plan, long-form educational blog posts typically benefit from having relevant images, sometimes edited to have the title of the post on them, and the blog post content also need to be added to the website. Would you prefer to have us do this or would you like for your team to handle this with our direction to free up some action item credits? You can always change this answer later.
If so, which software are you using? If not, would you be willing to invest about $40/mo to know exactly which marketing methods are powering each phone call so you can make better marketing decisions?

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