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Jordan Creative knows you take great pride in each step of the winemaking process. Your team monitors everything from soil conditions to climate change. Environmental stewardship and biodiversity aren’t simply words but concepts you live by. Jordan Creative admires your dedication and understands you want to showcase your wines, winery and dedication to your craft and would rather not take on the added tasks of content updates, digital marketing, and software updates.

Our solution is ideal for small - medium independently run wineries and tasting rooms, just like yours. When the time comes to streamline your efforts with a cost-effective and complete website design and eCommerce solution that ties all of your sales operations; digital marketing, online sales, wine club, inventory control, tasting room point-of-sale and accounting services synchronized through one integrated platform - turn to Jordan Creative. With over 20 years’ experience building websites and eCommerce solutions for wineries, Jordan Creative has the knowledge and skills needed for every step of your journey. We love wine, we live in Wine County, contact us for an initial complimentary consultation to understand how we might be able to help!

why jordan creative?

  • Experience: over 20 years working with wine brands
  • Integrated Solution: marketing, design and support team
  • Location: we are in wine country — we know wine

The Details

All plans offer a professional website, digital marketing, wine commerce, club management and POS 

Professionally Designed

Winery Website

Mountain Wine Club

Just as terroir represents “a sense of place,” your website should summon all the elements that make your winery unique. Jordan Creative begins with a discovery process that enables us to choose the words and images to tell your brand story. We then combine your story with navigation that facilitates an effective high conversion website for your wine brand. Our team’s years of experience building responsive websites will allow your brand to shine online, grow your sales, clubs, visits and cultivate your brand to the next level. All of our website designs include:

  • Custom Designed Website
  • Showcase your winery and wines
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Promote your brand
  • Professionally written content
  • Optimized for any device
  • ADA Compliant
Online Marketing Tailored

For Your Wine Brand

Digital MarketingWhile winemaking might evoke the mystic of elegance, the sexy, cool, finer things in life, you know how much energy, education and plain hard work goes into the vine to wine process. All wineries are different, just as restaurants are different and you develop your own ethos through relationships. So, how do you convey that in the online world of constantly shifting SEO algorithms and impersonal clicks to ads? How do you develop a successful social media strategy? Jordan Creative’s job is to stay on top of the latest optimization techniques, Ad-Word buys and content creation to capture the essence of your brand and convey your vineyard’s unique character to your target market.

  • Search Engine Optimization — Get found on search: Google, Bing, Yahoo and all major engines
  • Inbound Marketing —Targeted traffic to your website
  • Paid Search Marketing — Google AdWords, Social Media ads, etc
  • Social Media Marketing — Content creation and channel management
  • Email Marketing — Template design, strategy, list building, etc.
  • Analytics & Metrics — Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc
Direct to Consumer


eCommerceJordan Creative’s main goal is to provide you with top-tier customer support for your wine brand through a simple to use cost-effective, platform that provides your team with maximum flexibility to increase sales.

  • On-boarding — Complimentary setup and data migration
  • Revenue Share/Fee — No revenue or a per-transaction fee
  • Online Store — Easily manage your product catalog
  • Website Hosting — Robust, continuously secure hosting
  • Point-of-Sale / iPad POS Application — Web browser and iPad App
  • Custom Clubs / Batch Club Processing — Fully customizable, easy runs
  • Marketing Wizard — Pull together a perfectly-targeted lists of customers
  • Outbound Sales Wizard — Create a target group of customers
  • Outbound Emailer — Build highly customized emails for each recipient
  • Online Reservations — Automated, check resources, notifies staff
  • RSVP System — Full featured events manager
  • Compliance Reporting — Built-in reports for easy compliance checks
  • Quickbooks Integration — Just the information your bookkeeper needs

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