Responsive Web Design Can Boost Your Brand

User experience is more important than ever in today’s mobile age, and with more searches now being performed on mobile rather than desktop PC, the need for a mobile-friendly site is more important then ever for the business owner’s success. A responsive website looks good and displays properly on all devices (desktop, tablet, phone, etc). With rapid growth of mobile devices like smartphones it is now mission critical that your business website is mobile-friendly. It’s  important that your clients and prospects can easily browse and find information on your website, regardless of what type of device they use. Only make sense, right?

5 reasons your business website should be responsive

Mobile web browsing is skyrocketing. Almost 60% of American adults own a smartphone and over 60% of all website traffic is now accessed via a mobile device and this trend is only growing. If your business website is not mobile-friendly then potential sales can be lost to competitors sites that are mobile-friendly.

Rise of social media. With the explosive growth of social media many users share links via social media apps. If your business website is not mobile-friendly then you may loose possible sales. Not good.

Responsive websites increase Google rankings.  Responsive websites gain better rankings from Google because Google feels mobile-friendly websites are a better user experience. Google will even put a mobile friendly website up in search results over non mobile-friendly websites when searched via a mobile device. Note good for those mobile users looking for your business!

Tip→ Here’s an easy check to see if your business website is mobile-friendly – courtesy of Google.

Responsive websites are a better user experience. No pinching and zooming on a smartphone. Better stickiness, users will not bounce off your website because of a bad experience while on their smartphone. Overall a good responsive web design will increase your brand perception.

Easier website management. Because a responsive website is one site (not one for desktop and one for mobile) management is streamlined and this directly affects your bottom line. One site to manage, one set of content to update regardless if your users are accessing your site from a desktop PC, an iPhone or even a smart device. That means lower cost for you and higher R.O.I. for your business.

Contact your web design expert today to talk about a responsive website redesign or a simple responsive upgrade of your existing business website.

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