Is it time to redesign my website?

Redesigning your entire website may seem like a daunting feat, as well as a costly one, but having a functional, visually-appealing website is essential to your business, and remaining competitive in the online market. Potential customers can get frustrated with an outdated, or messy website that is difficult to navigate, and will be turned away from your site, reducing traffic and truly hurting your business.

Having a presence online is nearly essential in the internet age, and broadening the scope of your business to the online sphere can help you gain customers and significant buzz. Websites should be designed with navigability, aesthetics, intuitive layout, and functionality in mind. If it is unclear to you whether your website is due for a revamp or redesign, consider these clear signs that your website is outdated.

Your website looks outdated or is visibly unappealing.
Website design is constantly changing and evolving as the tastes and preferences of the public on the internet changes. Simply looking at a website from 5 years ago versus a website from today will affirm that this trend is clear. Your website’s look and design oftentimes represents your first impression on a potential customer, and a website-surfer can quickly click out of your site if it’s unappealing or outdated. To remain competitive in the digital age, you need to keep your website updated, in terms of coding, framework, and look. If you haven’t updated your website in 18 months or more, it’s probably due time for an update!

Your website isn’t mobile adapted.
Nowadays, the mobile device market has exploded as the need for computers has become less and less important in order to access the Internet. People make purchases through their phone more than ever, so it is incredibly important to adapt your website to mobile devices. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to navigate a website on a phone that has not been adapted to fit that platform. It is also vital to make sure your website’s eCommerce is quick and as user-friendly as possible–a study has shown that 67% of smartphone shoppers will switch to another website if the alternative website’s eCommerce checkout process is faster and easier.

Your website needs to be navigable, and contain the same content on any device your website visitors access your site on. Additionally, if your website is not mobile-friendly, Google will place your website lower in the rankings in search engines. This will be devastating to your SEO, and slow traffic to your website.

Your brand has changed or you’ve outgrown it.
If you have undergone a rebranding, or have altered the direction of your brand, it would be wise to redesign your website to accommodate this new brand. Having updated visuals that accommodate your brand is essential, and your website is a key component in forming your company’s identity. As your company grows and evolves, your website should change with it–you may need to add new functions or specific features that reflect your brand’s vision and the new direction your company has assumed.

Your website is hard to use.
If visitors find themselves having to scour for the links they’re searching for within your website, it may be time for an update. The last thing you want your website to be is hard to navigate, as surfers on the web are looking for user-friendly websites with information available at the click of a button. Too many pages, or poorly-designed content structure can be detrimental to your website, as it will force your visitors to dig for information, and will scare off potential customers.

You should also make sure your website does not take forever to load, is quick, and responsive. Sluggish transitions and broken links should be avoided at all costs, and internal linking can help boost your SEO as well, gaining traffic for your essay and improving its ranking in search engines.

What we can do to help

Here at Jordan Creative, we pride ourselves on designing functional, aesthetically pleasing, and mobile friendly websites. If you have noticed any of the points mentioned above when examining your own website, we can provide comprehensive website design and are able to design the perfect website to help realize your marketing goals.
Initial consultations are always complimentary.

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